Weekly Consignment




20 Head of steers and heifers mixed, 10 Steers and 10 Heifers, double vaccinated wormed, weaned and started, weighing 600-700 lbs.

13 Head of Steers, double vaccinated, wormed and weaned, weighing 600-750 lbs.

33 Head of males and heifers, weaned and started weighing 300-500 lbs.

14 Head of steers and heifers, 7 heifers 7 steers, double vaccinated, wormed, weaned and started weighing 500-650 lbs.


Along with this sale we will be selling 50+ head of Angus cows! Herd Reduction. 19 Head of Fall bred cows, 15 Cow/Calf Pairs born April, May, June. , 10 Bred Heifers and 6 Miscellaneous Cows possibly bred back, 20 Angus x Simmy Cross cows, 30 Smaller Framed Pharo/Ohlde Pedigreed cows.  Fall bred cows are bred to Pharo and Ohlde Bulls, Spring bred cows are bred to Oldhe bulls.

























































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